Thursday, July 24, 2008

Second Coming of the Jesus Phone

I loved my Blackberry. Really, I did. But not this much.

The iPhone is just, so, you know, intuitive.

I do miss copy-and-paste abilities. I sure wish the camera could do video. And then there's the prayers of please-god-give-us-flash-on-the-iPhone-so-i-can-watch-hulu of which I am not proud (and for which I do not have much hope. sigh.).

Oh, and! the manager of the Apple store gave me a $50 iTunes gift card because I had so much trouble trying to upgrade. (I like to think it's because I was so nice while I was having so much trouble.) So, I'm spending it on too many apps. Anyway, here's what's on my Jesus Phone:

(mouseover reveals notes. also, n.b. this is before I started exploring the web apps. i'll report back!)

1: Home page
(used regularly/want available through one click)

2: utilities, basically.

3: more utilities
(yes, the restaurant finders would seem to go better with Box Office. I'm fiddling, people!)

4: media

5: games!!!

6: jesus loves me, this i know, for my iPhone tells me...which constellations i'm looking at AND gives me jedi privileges.

The last screen just holds the apps I don't use but can't delete: Contacts (Can be accessed via the phone button. This redundancy will not stand, man!), Stocks (Riiiiiight. I spent all my money on this new phone I heard has a touch screen!), and Weather (not as good as Weatherbug app).

PS, Steve, you can't groom a generation of customization addicts and expect us to go willingly into your little forced placement icon grid. Love ya!